Ed Turner sacrificed his career and economic peace of mind to uphold the highest principles of Engineering.
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Strother Law Office, Nov 16, 1999 To Whom it May Concern:  


Ed Turner, PE/LS, the former City Engineer of Idaho Falls, Idaho has been waging a valiant battle on behalf of the Engineering Profession. Ed sacrificed his career and economic well being as well as his peace of mind to uphold the highest principles of the Engineering Profession and to defend the public's health, safety and welfare.

Ed had been a highly regarded and efficient City Engineer for Idaho Falls for over 27 years when he was forced to resign for refusing to sign and seal projects over which he did not have responsible charge. A non-engineer demanded that Ed perform actions that would violate his code of ethics and the Idaho Engineering Licensure Statue in order to satisfy some special interests. To his credit, Ed stuck to his principles and upheld the Engineer's Credo which mandates that a Professional Engineer live and work according to the laws of man and the highest standards of professional conduct and place the public welfare above all other considerations.

Ed is currently working at a minimum wage job and doing sporadic Engineering work. He is vigorously pursuing his legal crusade to vindicate his actions and to ensure that the issue of responsible charge, which is the bedrock of the Engineering Profession, is not undermined or made irrelevant. To continue his legal battle, Ed needs the financial and moral support of the Engineering Community. To help Ed in his fight for the Engineering Profession, please contact us at:

You can also help by publicizing this website to your colleagues. In addition, joining and becoming active in NSPE and AEA will help ensure that the Engineering Profession can remain strong and maintain its integrity.

Public safety is paramount to our engineering profession

Engineers nationwide, even worldwide will benefit from this information when they see first hand how quickly "responsible charge" - "public safety" can be eliminated from their profession by non-engineers & non-professionals.

Read the abstract letters from national leaders such as:

  • American Engineering Alliance (AEA)
  • Engineering News Record (ENR)
  • Engineering Times - National Society of Professional Engineers (N.S.P.E)
  • the Idaho Statesman - Idaho newspaper
  • the Post Register - East Idaho newspaper

Read the letters from concerned professional engineers around the country - New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Montana, Idaho, and more.

Read the statements from the N.S.P.E., legal counsel to the Idaho attorney general

Read the paragraphs (abstract) from the "State of Idaho board of professional engineers and professional land surveyors" to the public works director (non-engineer) of Idaho falls, Idaho

Feel the emotions from numerous letters especially one from an Idaho engineer to the state society.

"Ed's case is just, ISPE should strongly criticize the City's actions and do everything possible to get those responsible fired."

- Idaho Engineer

This litigation is going into its fourth year - this is our battle - not mine, not yours, but ours together

This is not the first time a licensed engineer has had the "responsible charge" - "public safety issue" jeopardized.

But, it should be the beginning of the last time.

We all must unite as one profession - we must stand for public safety and the advancement and betterment of human welfare.

The young engineers must be assured that they belong to and are supported by, a strong, united, professional organization that promotes the advancement of the engineering profession.

Professional boards, professional societies must support and enforce the laws that govern the engineers and their associated responsibilities to the public. Likewise, the non-engineers that are practicing engineering should be disciplined according to state laws.

Responsible charge and public safety is our business and our profession.

You have seen the trend to replace professionals with non-professionals - they work for less and when a failure occurs they have no license to lose - only the public loses.

Read about one pump sanitary sewer lift stations when two pumps are required as a minimum.

Look at a request to design and construct a sub standard street cul-de-sac in a heavy tour bus and pedestrian area.

See for yourself the absence of sidewalks - forcing pedestrians to walk in the street when the city's requirements specifically require sidewalks to be constructed, or replaced.


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First and Cascade 1996

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First and Cascade 1998

A win in this "responsible charge" - "public safety" case will be a win
for all engineers and ultimately a win for the public - they deserve to win.